About Me Amy Coe

About Me

I was born with a progressive heart. As a little girl, I remember being excited that Geraldine Ferraro was going to be president. (Be nice, I was a little kid, I didn’t know how the whole Vice President thing worked!) I was disappointed my senior year of High School I couldn’t vote in the Presidential Election. Unfortunately, I grew up and lived in a “red state:” it wasn’t always easy to express who I was and feel safe at the same time. Now, as an adult, I left my conservative hometown and, well, I just don’t care what people’s opinions of me are anymore!

I started Snark Heart with one simple necklace: “My cat hates Trump, too” and in a few short months my little empire grew beyond politics to empowerment and action! Since my start on February 29, 2020, I have expanded to all types of jewelry, stationery & accessories, stickers and decorative homewares.

Join me on this fun, funny and snarky journey
amy j. coe